Saturday, February 5, 2011

Can't Stop the Haunting Images?

Are You Devastated After An Affair?

Of course who wouldn't be devastated after an affair. How do you handle the feelings of betrayal, shock, sadness, anxiety, anger, helplessness, fear and resentment? I could only imagine, no wait, actually I can imagine. Being down that road myself I do understand and know very well how it feels. Even just writing this brings back the flood of feelings and images that went through my mind after finding out my significant other had cheated.

You need to know that you're alone and what you're feeling and thinking is normal. I would like to help you work through those emotions, and horrific images that go through your mind. Having a system in place to guide you through this is the key to having your self esteem and your life back.

Having been it through myself I know how devastating an affair can be, with the whirlwind of thoughts, wondering is the affair still going on? Can our relationship be repaired? The visual images can be just as hurtful. What if you had system in place, a step by step guide to help you through it all? I would like to introduce to you Dr. Frank Gunsberg, for three decades he's been specializing in marriage counseling. His system has helped thoussands heal thier relationships ater an affair. Armed with his "How To Survive An Affair" system can help you regain your life and your relationship back.

  • Discovering the Affair: How to Cope with the Initial 12
  • You Are Not 12
  • Nine Shockwaves: The Nine Most Common Questions You Will Struggle
    with When You First Find 13
  • I Feel Like I’m Going Crazy”: Learning That the Plague of Thoughts You Are Having is 27
  • Obsessions: What to Do When the Plague of Images Won’t Go Away................. 32
  • An 8-Step Program for Learning Better-Than-Ever Communication.................... 9
  • The Five Myths That Surround Acceptance........ 153

    There's no need to scour the internet looking for answers (as I did when that happened to me) or paying expensive therapists or in fact even leaving your house to find relief. Dr. Gunzburg's “How To Survive An Affair” is accessible right here, right now!